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Description: This Learning Assessment Landing page offers a brief introduction to learning assessment at PCC. Please note on the left that there are many child-pages that offer additional useful information.

Assessment of student learning is a crucial piece of what PCC submits to its accrediting agency, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) To remain compliant with accreditation standards, we must:               

  • be engaged in learning assessment in some creative way         
  • be able to show  we are using what we learn to make  adjustments and improvements 

Beyond these important requirements, however, is the institutional desire to demonstrate our students are in fact learning what  we say they are learning, and to make improvements where we find improvements need to be made. These two motives can be synergistic rather than mutually exclusive.

The Learning Assessment Council (LAC) is a faculty body with administrative support that leads the assessment efforts at PCC. See the Learning Assessment Council page for member lists, dates and times of meetings, and agendas and minutes.

For information about PCC's assessment process and this year's reporting forms, see Templates and Process.

To view all submitted learning assessment reports for the last few years, see Assessment Reports Submitted. Navigate to the SAC you want using the alphabetical list in the left side-bar.

Curious as to how the Proposed Framework for General Education at PCC will impact assessment? Check out Chris Brooks'


**News and Announcements**

  • Technical Skills Attainment (TSAs) are no longer required.
    • The Oregon Department of Education is no longer requiring or supporting TSAs. Some SACs will choose to continue using skills assessments internally (eg., regular program-level accreditation processes) and/or integrating their TSAs with the routine PCC annual Learning Assessment processes.  Other SACs will choose to discontinue using TSAs and will complete the annual learning assessment report without using TSAs. Support from Learning Assessment Council colleagues is available if SACs would like guidance while developing meaningful assessments that support continuous improvement.

      Deans and chairs are encouraged to examine the Perkins PCC Traffic Light Report (Oregon Postsecondary Performance Measures). Furthermore, in future years we have been told to look forward to the HECC providing community colleges a more detailed report (i.e., traffic lights reports that include a program-level success analysis, in addition to the existing all-college traffic light success analysis).

  • Learning Assessment at PCC online course modules are now live!
  • Assessment Survival Guide:
    • For a condensed version of Module 1 of the Learning Assessment course, take a peek at this Assessment Survival Guide. If you are already somewhat familiar with assessment and just need a few reminders, this might be the best resource.
  • Learning Assessment FAQ



  • 2023
    • Or try this document, developed by


    • LAC Leadership


    • for answers to many of your learning assessment questions
  • General Education Courses: Info for Fall 2021
    • This is a copy of an Email sent by Ann Cary on June 4, 2021 describing the General Education Assessment process for 2021-2022
  • Signature Assignment development information
    • This document, developed in June 2021, offers some guidance to the fundamentals of, and resources for, developing a signature assignment and a General Education course.
  • Why join the LAC?
    • This info sheet shares many of the reasons being a member of the LAC can enrich your own and your SAC's assessment experiences. Check it out and consider joining. Contact


    • Hannah Love,


    • hannah.


    •, if you are interested.