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  • CTE Customized Multi-Year Plan (MYP) - custom templates will be sent to CTE SAC chairs in October
  • CTE Customized Summary Data Report (SDR) - this add-on to the customized MYPs will be sent to SAC chairs in January  
  • CTE Annual Focal Outcome Assessment Report Template (also used for Reassessments)--provides details of one of the assessments included in the SDR
  • TSA Worksheet - Visit for latest template and resource documents
  • Summer 2021 Peer Reviewer's Critique Form (to be available mid-year)

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Assessment Process & Due Dates




2022 CTE Expectations

CTE SACs will assess a portion of their degree and certificate* outcomes every year as outlined in their customized Multi-Year Plans (MYP), and will report summary data (on SDR) for all assessments conducted, including focal outcome and outcomes partially- or fully-assessed via TSAs. Each SAC will select one of the outcomes assessed in 2020-21, what is known as "focal outcome," from the SDR and provide a more detailed report of their process and findings on the CTE Annual Focal Outcome Assessment Report (form to be linked above). The assessment phase is the initial assessment from which the SAC decides on appropriate responses to the findings, followed by the reassessment phase, which measures the effectiveness of the SAC's response to the initial assessment and, ideally, 'closes the loop.'


Due Dates for CTE 

November 30, 20202021, submit to

      • Completed 'green' portion of the SAC's Multi-Year Plan (starting on Row 5 and filling in Column E forward)
      • TSA Information Sheet, if requested by Academic Affairs (not needed from all SACs)

June 30, 2021June 24, 2022, submit to

      • Completed 'blue' Summary Data portion of SAC's Multi-Year Plan for all outcomes assessed this year (including TSAs and focal outcome assessment)
      • Completed CTE Annual Focal Outcome Assessment Report and pertinent appendices. These documents will be posted to the public side of Spaces. Please refrain from including information that could compromise future assessments or the names/IDs of students in, or the faculty teaching, the classes assessed. 

July 31, 20212022, submit to (Grants Office) and to

      • TSA results with student G numbers

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2022 LDC-DE Expectations

LDC-DE SACs conduct and report on one assessment project. SACs are free to assess or reassess outcomes of their choosing. The LAC suggests that the SACs ought to focus on either course-level or program-level outcomes, and, when possible, to focus on highly-enrolled courses. To be clear, LDC SACs no longer have to assess the core outcomes.

LDC-DE assessment planning and reporting happens in two phases. For first-time assessments, each SAC will complete the planning portion of the Assessment template in the fall and the end-of-year report (the latter portion of the template) in the spring. When conducting a follow-up assessment (assessing for improvement), SACs will fill out the Reassessment template--with the planning portion still due in the fall and the results portion due in the spring.


Due Dates for LDC-DE

November 30, 20202021, submit to

      • Planning section of the LAC Assessment or /Reassessment template...Use the LAC Assessment Report Form for an initial (first round) assessment, or
      • Use the LAC Reassessment Report Form when the SAC is reassessing an outcome after making changes to teaching or curriculum (aka "closing the loop"). If changes have been made to the assessment tools (e.g., exams, rubrics, etc.), use the LAC Assessment Report Form as this is treated as an initial assessment.

June 30, 2021June 24, 2022: Assessment findings to be submitted to

      • Completed LAC Assessment or /Reassessment template (second half of the template submitted in the fall) describing the process and results of this year's assessment and pertinent appendices. These documents will be posted to the public side of Spaces. Please refrain from including the names/IDs of students in, or the faculty teaching, the classes assessed. 
      • If any changes were made to your project, please correct the planning portion of the document before submitting. This may include changes in process and/or completing information that wasn't decided on or available when the planning section of the report was due.


At the end of each academic year, all completed assessment reports are reviewed by expert faculty peer reviewers, many of which are current members of the Learning Assessment Council. Over the summer the peer reviewers look at the plans, reports, summary data (where appropriate), and other documents submitted by their assigned SACs and critique them using a standard rubric. When the feedback forms have been completed, they are saved as PDFs and made available in September to the respective SACs. This feedback is available to SAC members in a different section of PCC's Spaces. Questions about peer review feedback? Contact Magda D'Angelis-MorrisSara Robertson, LAC Chair,

Assessment Resources

Funds for Part-Time Faculty


LDC-DE Coaches will be available in the fall. If you would like to be connected to an assessment coach or have any questions, please contact:

CTE Coaches will be assigned in the fall.

General Education and signature assignment coaching is also available through the LAC. If you would like some support in developing your signature assignments, please contact:

Professional Development Opportunities 

**LAC Learning Outcome Assessment Class**

Learning Assessment at PCC online course modules:

The first four modules are now ready for


you! These include:

  • an Assessment 101 style introductory and fundamentals of assessment course
  • an introduction to PCC General Education Assessment
  • an introduction to transparent assignment design
  • a "how to" for developing signature assignments for General Education courses

The LAC is currently working on


several more modules of the Learning Assessment Tutorial.


Stay tuned for more great learning opportunities.

SAC Resources Page

This Spaces page is full of links to useful documents, presentations, and videos, many of which relate to assessment. SAC Resources Page

LAC Presentation: Assessment at PCC: These PP slides went along with a presentation by Magda D'Angelis Morris in Fall 2020, connecting the various places in which learning assessment is discussed and implemented throughout PCC.

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