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Templates for Assessment Reporting

Help Guides for Assessment Plans and Reports 

Assessment Process

  • In General

  • 2017-2018 Expectations

  • CTE Process

  • LDC Process

  • Peer Review


Templates for Assessment Reporting

The following 2017-18 templates will be available here in October:


  • CTE Multi-Year Plan
  • MSC or All-In Assessment Proposal
  • LDC-DE Assessment Report Form  Revised for 2017-18 (schedule of assessment for degree and certificate outcomes)
  • CTE Focal Outcome Assessment Report Form (for initial assessments)
  • LDC-DE Reassessment CTE Focal Outcome Reassessment Report Form (for follow-up assessment)
  • CTE Assessment Report Form (for initial assessments)
  • CTE Reassessment Report Form (for follow-up assessment)
  • CTE Summary Data Report (for those SACs whose degree and certificate outcomes are not fully assessed via TSAs)
  • All-In or MSC Assessment Proposal
  • Summer 2018 Peer Reviewer's Critique Form (sample of what they'll be looking for)still under construction–check back later this year)


Help Guides

  • CTE Multi-Year Plan Help Guide

  • CTE Assessment/Reassessment Help Guide

  • LDC Multi-Year Plan Help Guide

  • LDC Assessment/Reassessment Help Guide


Assessment Process

In General