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  • Type the person's G Number in the ID field.  (If you do not know the G#, press Tab to move to the next field, and type the last name, a comma, and then first name of the person)
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  • Press Enter (You may see a confidentiality warning in the upper right corner if the person is an employee - press Enter to acknowledge the warning).

  • Now you can click on the Navigation Tabs to move to the section you want to view, such as Address, Telephone, and Biographical. (or use the keystroke Alt-Page Down to move around if you prefer)

    On the "Address" tab, there may be multiple records. You can click throug them by using the navigation buttons   or use the keystroke Up Arrow or Down Arrow if you prefer)

    Once we get into SPAIDEN we can use the Navigation tabs to look up information about the person record.  We will use the Biographical tab to show some new features here.