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Navigating in Banner 9

  • Find your “My Banner” in the upper left corner by clicking this button. 
  • Type in a Banner screen name by clicking this button. 
  • View a list of the pages you've used in the current login session by clicking this button 
  • Return to the Main menu by clicking this button 
  • Occasionally a field label will appear as data when you switch forms.  When this happens, you'll see a red warning message in the field (see below):

titleFalse Running in "Running in query mode" message.

The issue you are encountering is due to how Banner will take the security level of the page (or pages) you visited prior, and apply them to the current page you are on. For example, if you were in a query only page like SFAREGQ, then moved into SOATEST, the level of security (query only) from SFAREGQ would then apply to SOATEST, and you would receive the "Running in query mode" message. To alleviate this issue, you will want to close out of each of the open pages by clicking the "X" in the upper left corner of the page. Do this for all open pages until you return back to the Welcome screen. Once at the welcome screen you can then enter SOATEST and when you access the page you should have the ability to make editing changes. Another option to clear the query only mode is to open a new banner session by opening a new tab and logging into banner, or copying and pasting the banner URL into a new tab. 


Issues related to specific forms

  • FWIDETL, GWIPORT, GWILOOK, and PWAELVE are in Argos only.
  • GUAMESG no longer shows a "message waiting" indicator on the menu; to see if there are messages for you, type GUAMESG in the menu
  • GWAADHO has been discontinued. If you want to run an ad hoc, just type the report or job name (such as "ts_feeload") in the menu and it will bring up the ad hoc page.
  • GWAADDR has been discontinued.  Please use SPAIDEN for students or PPAIDEN for employees.
  • FGIBDSR in Banner 9 requires that you 'uncheck' the Include Revenue check box in order to get positive numbers. In Banner 8 it was just the reverse.  
  • SWAINST has been replaced with SIAINST