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DSAC Rubrics

Proceed with Caution! Important Updates in Progress as of 9/24/2018! 


CTE SACs will assess a portion of their degree and certificate outcomes as outlined on their newly-customized Multi-Year Plan, and report summary data for those. Then, each SAC will select one of the outcomes assessed in 2018-19 and provide a more detailed report of their process and findings on a soon-to-be-developed Focal Outcome assessment form. In addition, Perkins-funded programs will continue to submit Technical Skill Attainment (TSA) results at year's end. For more information on TSAs, go to:

CTE Process


CTE SACs directly assess their Degree and Certificate Outcomes. And, because those same program outcomes have been mapped to PCC's institutional outcomes, aka Core Outcomes, the Core Outcomes are assessed indirectly.