In order to expedite approvals of requisitions and purchase orders, the following minimum information must be included in either the Item Text and Document in the Banner Req/PO. This information should be applied to all requisitions and POs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mike Mathews, Purchasing Manager,

Item Text Requirements:

Item Text is printed on the Purchase Order that is sent to the Vendor.

  • If the PO is issued for a contracted good or service, the PO must state that terms and conditions of the contract take precedence over terms & conditions of the PO. (Modify Clause 907)

  • If a cooperative contract is utilized text must include the Cooperative language from Banner.

  • If Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) guidelines and prevailing wage apply appropriate language must be added to the PO.

  • If the PO is a blanket PO, please clearly identify the name and contact information for authorized buyers against the PO. (Modify Clause 909)

Document Text Requirements:

Document Text is only viewable by PCC Banner users, not the Vendor.

  • Originators full name and phone extension number

  • Brief description of current contracted services

  • Certificate of Insurance (COI) expiration date and confirmation that Risk has a copy of the COI. PCC Risk Email:

  • Contract and expiration date

  • The total amount authorized to be spent by contract or any amendments

  • Board resolution # if required, and brief summary (no acronyms) of what was authorized by the board

  • The total that has been spent to date against the contract

  • Period covered dates (from date - to date)

  • Type of procurement supporting contract (informal or formal-details of bids not required for PO approval)

  • If procurement is exempted by rule, state the current PCC rule number.  

  • All packages must be shipped to the CDS Warehouse located at 6713 SW Bonita Rd., Bldg. C, Ste 200, Portland, OR 97224. Additional information is available via Shipping and Delivery Requirements web page.

    • Include PCC delivery contact name, phone number, and campus location, including building and room number, specific items to be delivered to each location, quantity of the items to be delivered to each location.

  • During the PO approval process, a 'Purchasing Note:' will be added to this documentation if any additional PCC only information is needed.

Additional Information:

  • If the contract is expired or amount to be spent exceeds board authority or contract limits then contact the Purchasing staff to address the terms of the contract and board authority prior to entering the Requisition/Purchase Order.

  • Do not utilize a purchase order in lieu of a contract if any prevailing wage language is applicable and preferably do not use a purchase order in lieu of a contract for services.

  • A summary of change order history is not required for purchase order approval.