GWRHELLO is used for training purposes only, however, you will run a wide range of other reports in your job depending on the types of data you’re looking for. The resulting GWRHELLO report is a table with repeated text on one or more rows. See screenshot below.

After completing the Intro to Banner Non-Student training, you 'll receive authorization to run advanced reports such as Finance, HR etc. Banner documentation is available for most Banner pages and reports. 


  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type GWRHELLO, then press Enter
  2. Click on the Go button and then click into the first line under the word Values.
  3. Enter data on lines 1, 2 & 3. Leave lines 80 and 81 as they are. You can use the down arrow on your keyboard or click into each line with the mouse. 
Parameter LineParameter DescriptionWhat to Enter in Values Column
01 Enter Text to Print

Enter text for practice purposes (30 character limit)

Example; DJ Report

02Enter No. of LIne Repeats

Enter the number of lines you want the text to repeat.

Recommend using less less than 5 for practice purposes.

03Enter No. of Lines to Print

Enter how many lines 

Recommend using less less than 20 for practice purposes.

80Name of DBJob Package

Do not change - leave as;


81Name of DB Job Job

Do not change - leave as;


  1. Click on the 'Save Parameter Save As' check box which will save the Values you've just entered. The more familiar you become with running any report, you'll know when you  need to Save Parameter Sets and when to use the Submit feature. Always Click on the SAVE button in the bottom right hand corner of the page, or else it will not save at all.
  2. You'll see a notification in the top right corner of your page with the phrase, "Look for printout in (username_report name...), which indicates that it is accessible in the Report Viewer. The link to the Report Viewer is on the same page as the Banner login link. 
  3. Click on the Report Viewer link and click Submit (It is not necessary to enter your username).
  4. The Report Viewer will open and you will see your report or  list of reports.
  5. To the right of the report name, click on one of the document format options and the report will open.
    • L = Landscape 
    • LC = Landscape Compressed (smaller print)
    • LG = Legal
    • P = Portrait 
    • PC = Portrait Compressed (smaller print)
    • D = This option is for downloading reports.

If you have trouble getting your report to open with Adobe Acrobat Reader, call the Help Desk at x4400.