Information for MTH 243-244 OER

Why an Open Educational Resource (OER)?

  • An OER is free to use if you decide to access it on a device you already own. And its inexpensive if you prefer a paper version.

  • OERs can be updated quickly if errors are spotted or content needs to be changed.

  • Allows several schools to collaborate on and share materials

  • OERs written in HTML are easier to access for students with visual and physical disabilities than a traditional print text.

  • Especially for mathematics content, many interactive features can be integrated such as GeoGebra applets, Sage cells and WeBWorK problems. 

What if I already own the text (DeVeaux) from a previous term?

This will largely depend on your instructor, so please contact them about your particular section.

Reference Text

  • The OER text is OpenStax

    • It can be downloaded as PDF

    • Put onto a tablet

    • Opened directly online (render issue causes example and problem numbers to not appear)

    • Purchase a hard copy of the OER text for approximately $33


  • Certain topics covered in MTH 243/ MTH 244 are not included in the OpenStax OER text.  A supplement to these topic has been created

Online Homework

  • Your instructor may be using WebAssign or WeBWorK (an online homework system) with problems that are matched to the OER text. WebAssign costs approximately $33 per term.  WeBWorK is a completely free online homework system. Your instructor will provide details if they are using either of these systems.

Pilot / Grant Timeline

  • Summer 2016 - Spring 2017 - Have interested instructors pilot the OER text OpenStax at all campuses.
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