FGIBDSR - Executive Summary (Budget Status)

FGIBDSR quirks

FGIBDSR in Banner 9 requires that you 'uncheck' the Include Revenue check box in order to get positive numbers. In Banner 8 it was just the reverse. 

The FGIBDSR provides a quick look at the current status of an organization's Adjusted Budget , Year-to-Date Activity (expenses-to-date), Commitments (encumbrances) and Available Balance.


The screen will default to Chart of Accounts "1" and the current Fiscal Year (YY)

  1. If you are looking at a General Fund FOAP, enter the Organization code into the Index field and tab to autofill the Fund, Organization and Program codes.
  2. If not, enter the Fund, Organization and Program Codes in each field.  Since the Program Code is a subordinate code, it is not required to view the budget, However, there are Funds and Organizations that use multiple Program Codes so make sure you are entering the codes that are pertinent to the budget you are tracking.
  3. It's recommended to leave the Accounts field blank so you can view all account balances. 
    1. To view only one line item, check the Query Specific checkbox and enter the specific Fund, Organization, Account and Program code desired.  (The Activity and Location codes are no longer used at PCC). 
    2. In Banner 9, users will need to 'uncheck' the Include Revenue check box in order to get positive numbers. In Banner 8 it was just the reverse.
  4. Click on the Green Go button on the top right side of your screen to advance to the budget summary page.
  5. You will see each line item Account Code, Description, Adjusted Budget, YTD (year-to-date) Activity, Commitments (also known as reservations or encumbrances) and Available Balance.
  6. Click into any number in either the YTD or Commitment columns and select the Related drop down menu to view the Transaction Details (FGITRND). The FGITRND allows you to see details related to transactions, however, there is no longer access to the Related page, FWIDETL, which allows you to see the details related to each specific transactional document. This data was moved to Argos during the upgrade to Banner 9. 
  7. To return to the Budget Summary page, click on the X in the top left corner of your page. To return to the FGIBDSR home screen, repeat.

    FWIDETL - Document Details

    : The document detail page, FWIDETL, is no longer in Banner and is located in the PCC Reporting, Argos FWIDETL report. You will need access to Argos to run this report. Contact your manager for authorization. 

Most Frequently Used Document Codes

PCyyyymmPurchase Card
P0######Purchase Order
0######Check Number
F0######Payroll, Imprest Cash Reimbursements or Refunds
J0######Journal entry for corrections, budget transfers etc.
PXyyyymmPrinting & Copy Charges

To view all Purchase Order commitments (also known as reservations or encumbrances) for this FOP, go to FGIENCD  or FGIOENC and enter the Purchase Order number.