This report provides a list of valid level, degree, and major code combinations.  This report is based on the curriculum rules that have been built into Banner. These are the valid combinations that may be entered on a student record.

Some programs such as Nursing have admissions requirements before a student may be admitted to the program. This report does not make any identification of those programs with special admissions requirements. This information is not available in Banner. Refer to the PCC Catalog.

  1. From the Direct Access prompt, type SWRVDEG, then press Enter

  2. Click the Go button.

  3. Click the  Next Section icon.

  4. Press Tab or Enter to move the cursor under "Values" next to Parameter 01, Term Code. Type the six digit term code, then press the Down Arrow

  5. Type the sort order you wish to use; Dfor sequence level code, degree code, major description or M for sequence level code, major description, degree code

           For both sort orders, the report will display:


  • Degree code

  • Major code

  • Level code

  • Major description

  • Valid Major

  • Aid Eligible

  1. Press the Next Section  icon once

  2. Press the Save button once

  3. In your computer's web browser open this URL:    https://intranet.pcc.edu/pccapps/bannerreports/default.cfm?Type=Gn

  4. In the user name box, type your login (e.g. jsmith)

  5. Leave the Report Name box blank, and click the Submit button Button.  You'll see a "Building List" message, then a list of the files you have generated on Banner in the last few days will appear

  6. Choose 'Portrait' format for this report by clicking on the blue button under the "P" column for your report

  1. Your report will be displayed on screen.   From the "File" menu, choose "Print".  The report will be printed at your local printer, unless you specify another printer.