With NBIPORG, you can get a viewable list of all position numbers within your department's Organization (Org.) Code, along with each position's Title, Status, Begin and End Date, and Budgeted FTE.

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  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type NBIPORG, then press Enter.

  2. Make sure the "COA" (Chart of Accounts) field reads "1".

  3. Press Tab (or Enter) on your keyboard to navigate to the "Organization" field. Enter the Org. Code associated with your department's budget.

  4. Verify that the "Query Date" on the right side falls within the current Fiscal Year. (Otherwise you will get the following message: *ERROR* No Active or Closed position totals found.)

  5. Click the Go button.

You will see a list of positions in your Organization (see picture above, including position numbers.

  1. To start over and look up another Orgn. Code, click Start Over.

  2. To exit NBIPORG, click the exit Exit icon.


Here is a guide to the information contained in NBIPORG:

Field NameWhat it Shows
PositionLists the position number for each position associated with your department's budget (Org.). 
TitleTitle of each position.

For pooled positions such as casual and student employment, the org. or fund code will appear in the title, along with the word "pool". 

StatusStatus of the position. A=active C=cancelled F=frozen I=inactive.
Begin DateDate the position was established as an active position.
End DateDate the position ended or is scheduled to end.

This date is not related to funding, unless it is confirmed that funding will not be renewed for this position.

TypeThe type of position. P=pooled S=single incumbent.
Budgeted FTEAnnualized FTE of current year $$$ budgeted for the position.
Job FTEFTE of person(s) in the position. Note: this information is not reliable for pooled positions.
Annualized FTEGenerally, this field will be blank.