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The Banner report NWRSALD allows you to get details about employee salary encumbrances and expenses pertaining to a department's budget. The report can be run for a department or an entire division, using a partial Orgn. Code.

NWRSALD is tied to employee positions and is not a payroll report. It represents a projection of authorized salaries for the fiscal year, which may not always coincide with actual payroll expenses charged to your department. The PWRLABD (Labor Distribution by Range) report is preferable for getting actual salary expenses charged to your department budget.

Based on the budget code you specify, this report shows all relevant Position Numbers, Names, Employee G numbers (Optional), Position Budget amounts, Position Year-to-Date Expenses, Current Encumbrance, FOAP and Available Balance.

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  1. From the main Banner Menu screen, type NWRSALD, then press Enter on your keyboard.

  2. Click the Go button.
  3. Click the Next Section icon to get to the "Parameter Values" section.
    (Or, just click with your mouse into the third section, "Parameter Values.")
  4. Type in your parameter values on the right side, using the information below as a guide.


What to Type


01 Fiscal Year

Enter the Fiscal Year as four digits. (This is a required field, so you cannot leave it blank.).


Example: 2016 for the fiscal year 7/1/15 -- 6/30/16.

02 Fund Code

Enter your Fund Code. Or, leave blank for all Funds.

Recommendation: Leave Blank unless it is a Grant Fund (4-fund).

Leave Blank unless you are working with a Grant Fund (4-fund) budget.

03 Orgn Code

Enter your Org. Code (department budget code).

Or, leave blank for all Org.s within your Fund (if you specified the Fund Code above).

Example B40257 for the Cascade Philosophy Department budget.

You can also leave this blank, or enter a partial Org. Code, such as C3 for all Org's that fall within the Cascade Student Development Division. No wildcard symbol (%) is needed.

04 Account CodeLeave blank for all accounts in your budget, or enter an Account Code if you want to narrow it down further.

Example: 01222 for PT Faculty Salary Expenses.

You can also leave this blank, or enter a partial account code, such as 02 for all Personnel Benefit accounts. No wildcard symbol (%) is needed.

05 Print ID Numbers (Y/N)Enter a "Y" to get a report with G numbers.Example: Y if you want G Numbers included in the report

      5. When you have finished entering the Parameter Values, press Next Section  again.

    • If you wish to save your Parameter Values as the defaults for the next time you run NWRSALD, 'check' the checkbox next to the words "Save Parameter Set As."
      (This is an optional step.)

      6. Click the Save button.
           (For more information about saving reports, including saving your parameters for a future time, see the Banner Report Help page.)

      7. Open Report Viewer and view your report. '

Here's what the completed NWRSALD report looks like (although we have blocked out any ID information below). As you can see, the report lists all position numbers and employees which fall within the budget parameters you indicated, plus a projection of year to date expenses. Totals are also included.