Below is a partial list of Banner forms and reports, listed alphabetically by the information they contain. Click on the linked Banner form name in the middle column to get directions and details about that form or report.

I Want to Find....Look in this Banner Form...Additional Notes
Academic History of Student (courses taken)SHACRSE (viewable), SWRUNOF (printable)Both of these forms only show credit classes
Academic History of Student by Subject AreaSHASUBJ 
Academic Standing


 SWRASLS is the printable report
Account Balance


Account CommentsTGACPRF, SPACMNT 
Account DetailTSAAREV 
Account HoldsSOAHOLD 
Activate InstructorSWAINST 
Addendum to Printed ScheduleSWRADENinfo about cancelled, added, filled classes
Address - ChangeSPAIDEN, PPAIDEN, GWAADDRClick here for information about changing an address in Banner.
Admission StatusSGASTDN 
Ad Hoc ReportsGWAADHOrefer to link for details
Admissions (acceptance into PCC, etc)SAASUMI 
Admit TypeSAASUMI 
Advisor CodeCohort Maintenance HelpClick on link at left for more information
Alternate Queue Codes (Printer Control)GWMQUES 
Applications, Online - Unprocessed App.'sSWREAPS [doc] 
Applications, Online -- View DetailSAAADMS [doc] 
Applications, Online -- Accepted / DeniedSAADCRV [doc] 
Assessment, Faculty


1st one = part time faculty

2nd one = full time faculty

Attendance, ClassSFASLST 
Attendance MethodSTVACCTAlso accessible from SSASECT -- click to right of "Att. Method" field. Or, view the Attendance Method list.
Attribute CodeSGASADD,
SGASADD = view Student Attribute Code; 
SWRATTS = Schedule Attribute Code
Awards, DegreesSHADEGR 
Banner System ID 
(is person in Banner Admissions records? Vendor records? etc.)
GUASYSTshows which Banner module(s) a given person or vendor has info within
Bill, StudentTSAAREV 
Bill, to Print (Student Invoice)TWARINVto print, go to "Options"> "Print Invoice"
Billing -- Students who Owe based on Detail CodeGWAADHO, t_detcAccess GWAADHO, then use "t_detc" as the Ad Hoc Program Name.
Billed Hours, Credit HoursSFAMASS (by class), SFASTCA, SFAREGF (by student) 
Bookmarks ('My Banner' Personal Menu)GUAPMNUA way to bookmark commonly-used Banner forms and reports
Building Use QuerySSAMATX 
Building Use ReportSWRSELD 
Campus CodeGuide to Campus Codes 
Cancelled Classes



SWRSECT gives details about a group of classes (including cancellations. SWRADEN shows all cancelled classe.; SSASECT shows if a given CRN is cancelled.
Casual Hours (Tracking)PWRPRHRRequires Banner HR Training to gain access
Changed Classes (Addendum to PCC Sched.)SWRADEN 
Class Detail Form (class fees, etc.)SSADETL 
Class Details 
(when meeting, instructor, etc.) by CRN
Class List (Roster)SFASLST (viewable),  SWRSLST (printable) 
Class Query (if you have other info)SWASECQ If you have partial class title & term, you can get more info
Class registered forSFAREGF or SFAREGQ 
Classes, department listing ofSWRSELD 
Cohort Codes


SGASADD = view cohort / attribute codes; 
SWPCADD = add cohort code to record.
Comment FormSPACMNT 
Common MatchingGOAMTCH 
Confidentiality StatusSPAPERS 
Consent to Release Confidential InformationTWACONF 
Course Availability (where offered, full?, etc.)SWASECQ 
Course Detail (Schedule Detail Form, by crn)SSADETLFees, etc. for the crn (section)
Course Details 
(lecture/lab hours, contact hrs, etc.)
SWRCRSELecture/lab hours, contact hours, etc. for the course
Course EquivalenciesSHATATR 
Coursework SummarySHACRSE 
Credit Hours, Bill HoursSFAMASS (by class); SFAREGF (by student) 
Credit Hours, student totalSHATERM # hrs. earned vs. attempted, etc.
Credit Hours Maximum, changeSFAREGSto change max. # cr. hrs. student can reg. for
Cross List meeting time/instructor querySSAXMTImust know cross list group ID code
Customer Profile DefinitionTGACPRF 
Dean's Enrollment ReportDean's Report (Argos) 
Dean's List - is student on it?SHAINST 
DegreeSGASTDN, SHADEGR, SWRVDEG [doc]SWRVDEG report gives listing of valid degree/major codes
Delete Report ParametersDeleting Report Parameters 

Deletion of Registration /

Deletion for Non-Payment


SWRDNPT: Lists impacted classes and/or students scheduled for deletion for non-payment.

SWNDNPS: List of students who have been deleted from a group of classes (for non-payment).

TSICSRV - click on "Financial Aid" in lower section to see financial aid estimates (if access)

Demographic information by CourseSWRDEPFby age, ethnicity, gender
Department list of classesSWRSELD 
Detail CodesDetail Codes and Reports 
Disability CodesGOAMEDImust get special access
Download Banner ReportsDownloading Instructions 
Drop DeadlinesSSAACCL 
Dropped from Class? When?SFAMASS (whole class), SFASTCA (indiv. student)SFASTCA shows history of student adds/drops for a class
Earned HoursSHATERM 
EmailSPAIDEN, GWIPORT (In Argos) , GOAEMAL; SWRCLEMGWIPORT gives details about anyone's PCC email/MyPCC account..
Email Addresses, student, list ofSWRCLEMGives you a download-friendly list of student emails, by subject
Email Addresses, instructorsSWRSECTDownloaded version shows email addresses of instructors for a given group of classes
Employee Details (Active? Casual? Dept. Org. #?)PEAEMPL 
Employee of PCC? - lookupPOIIDEN 
Employees in department (Org.), List ofNWRPINCRequires HR Training, special access
Employee's Jobs


Requires HR Training, special access
Employee Pay


Requires HR Training, special access
Enrollment Reports

Dean's Enrollment Report in Argos (SWRDENR), SWRSELD, SWRFTHD

Enrollment, specific class (spaces remaining, waitlist)SWASECQ, SSASECT 
Equivalancies, CourseSHATATR 
Exemption ReportSWREXFA - List of Students by Tuition Exemption Code(tuition exemption)
Faculty Assignments, workloadSIAASGN 
Faculty Assignment Notification ("FAN") ReportSWRASGQ 
Faculty Information, Attributes (adjunct? active? etc.)SWAINST Use SIAINST instead for creating faculty records 
Faculty ReleaseSIAASGN - 2nd block;
SWRFFTE (report)
Faculty Schedule, by termSIAASGQ 
Faculty Step (Part Time)PWAPLVL 
Fees for CourseSSADETLshows tuition and fees if non-credit class
FERPA - Consent FormTWACONF 
Filled Classes - listSWRADEN 
Financial -- Student's AccountTSAAREV 
Financial HoldSOAHOLD 
FTE -- by Attendance Method, Subject, Campus

Argos Dean's Report (SWRDENR),


FTE -- by InstructorSIAASGN (viewable), SWRIFTE (printable)
PWRPTWL (printable)
PWRPTWL = for Deans; shows Instructional FTE earned over academic year
General info about StudentSPAIDEN, SGASTDNSPAIDEN shows person info, SGASTDN shows academic info
G Number

3 Ways to Look up a G Number



You can look up a G Number in any Banner form that features an "ID" field in the upper section of the screen.

GUISRCH: Look up based on email address or phone

GPA (Grade Point Average)


Grade Distribution by Subject / CrseSWRGDCR 
Grades, of all students in classSFASLST, SWRSLST 
Grades, of indiv. studentSHACRSE, SHATERM(viewable); SWRUNOF(printable)SHACRSE: leave "term" blank to view all terms except current. SHATERM: leave "term" blank, use second screen and navigate with down arrow
Grades -- Submitted yet? No grade?SWRNOGR, SWRSLSTSWRNOGR lists who has no grade
Grades -- When Submitted?SFASTCA, SHACRSEin SHACRSE, click on "Select" button on any line.
Graduates, list ofSWRGRADLists grads by acad year, can include Pending, Awarded, Denied.
Graduation Status DetailsSHADEGR, SWRUNOF 
High School infoSOAHSCH 
Hire Dates of PT FacultyPWRTRAT 
Holds on AccountSOAHOLD 
Hours, Casual (Tracking)PWRPRHRRequires HR Training, special access
ID Search (G#, SSN)


Importing in Bannersee "Uploading" 
Instructional FTE (PT Instructors)PWRPTWLfor Deans - shows FTE earned by academic year
Instructional MethodGTVINSMaccessible via SSASECT (down-arrow to right of Inst. Method field), IF you choose CRN that has no one registered in it
Instructor of Class -- who's teaching the classSSASECTnavigate to third screen (Assigned Instructor Screen)
Instructor ActivationSWAINST - Use SIAINST instead for creating faculty records 
Instructor G #'s, Position #'s, etc.SWRSECT 
Instructor's Classes (crn's), by termSIAASGN 
Instructor Pay AuthorizationNWRINAS 
Instructor ScheduleSIAASGQquery form
Instructor Step (Part Time)PWAPLVL 
Instructor Transcripts, Part TimePWRTRAT 
Instructor Workload

SIAASGN (viewable);

Invoice Form, to PrintTWARINVprints student bill -- to print go to "options" "Print Invoice"
Jobs Held by EmployeeNWRJHISRequires HR Training, special access
Labels, for mailingsSWRUESL, or population selection 
Location of ClassSSASECT 
Location of Student (term schedule w. locations)SFAREGQ 
Major of StudentSGASTDN STVMAJR shows all PCC majors
Meeting Time of ClassSSASECT, SFAREGQSSASECT = if you know crn; SFAREGQ = if you know student G# but don't know crn.
Menu (Banner Personal Menu of Forms)GUAPMNU 
MyPCC Account, LoginGWIPORT (Argos Report) 
No Grade ListingSWRNOGR 
Non-Credit -- What Registered for?SFAREGQ or SFAREGF 
Non-Credit -- Student ScheduleSFRSCHD (printable) 
Notes on Student (for advising, registration)SPACMNT 
Online Applications -- list of applicants not processedSWREAPS [doc] 
Online Applications -- View DetailSAAADMS [doc] 
Online Applications -- Accept /  DenySAADCRV [doc] 
Org Code LookupFTVORGN 
Override # Credits student can reg. forSFAREGSchange max. cr. hours (if you have access)
Override Registration RestrictionsSFASRPO 
Override Registration CommentSPACMNT 
Overload, InstructorPWRNIFT 
Password, Banner (to change)DirectionsClick on the "Change Banner Password" link on Banner Main Menu
Part Time Faculty -- see "Instructor"
Parameter Sets (in Banner reports), DeletingDeleting Report Parameters 
Pay Hours ReportSWRCRPA 
Payments / Student BillTSAAREV 
Person Comment FormSPACMNT 
Personal Menu (of forms in Banner)GUAPMNUaccessible from link on Banner General Menu
Phone NumberSPAIDEN 
Phone Number EntryGWAADDR, PPAIDEN, SPAIDENGWAADDR can be used by any Banner-user; others are restricted
Population SelectionGLBDATArefer to link for details
Position Incumbent(s)NBIPINC, NWRPINCNBIPINC - list of employees assoc.'ed with a given Pos. #
Position Number for EmployeeNBAJOBS, SIAASGN SIAASGN shows instructors' position numbers / suffix numbers
Position Numbers in Department (all)NBIPORGMust have spec. access, HR training
Position RecordNBAPOSNMust have spec. access, HR training
Prerequisites, by CRNSSAPREQ 
Prerequisites, test scores, by COURSESCAPREQ 
Prerequisites -- potential unsatisfied prereq. reportSWRPRCKshows which registered students might have unsatisfied prereq's for a given CRN
Prerequisites -- student history for a given course


SWRTRKM also shows current GPA and later subj. area courses completed
Print Status of Banner JobGWAJOBQshows status of your report - 
waiting? running?
Printer Control OptionsGWMQUES 
Prior College InfoSOAPCOL, SOAPCOQSOAPCOL - more detail; must use down arrow to navigate to second record. SOAPCOQ - summary of all colleges
Prior CourseSWRTRPCDid more students successfully complete a given course if they first took a given prior course?
Probation, AcademicSHATERM, SGASTDN,SWRASLSSWRASLS is a printable report
Query for Student InfoSOAIDNS 
Registration -- what registered for?SFAREGQ, SFAREGFWhat is the student (1 at a time) registered for? SFAREGQ includes instructors' names
Registered When? Dropped When?SFASTCA 
Registration Restriction OverrideSFASRPO 
Reports -- list ofReport List 
Report Printing OptionsGWMQUESList of Alternate Queue Codes
Reports, SavingBanner Report Help 
Release of Confidential Information - TrackingTWACONF 
Repeating a CourseSCACRSEShows how many times you can repeat a course and still get credit
Residency StatusSGASTDN 
Restrictions (on who can register for class)SSAPREQ (by crn); SCAPREQ (by subject) 
Room AvailabilitySSAMATXquery form
Room Capacity, other detailsSLARDEF 
Room Schedule, Room ConflictSSAMATX 
Roster, to printSWRSLST 
Roster, for downloadSWRRSTR 
Roster, to viewSFASLST, SFAALST - Class Attendance Roster 
Roster with Test Scoressf_score_rosterAn Ad Hoc Report using Banner screen GWAADHO
Salary Expenses


Requires HR Training, special access
Schedule, Catalog Text, by courseSCADETL 
Schedule of FacultySIAASGQ 
Schedule of StudentSFRSCHD (printable) 
Section QuerySWASECQ 
Session CodesSTVSESS 
Sick Leave


Staff Directory Update / EntryGWAADDRChanges you make will appear the morning after in the PCC Staff Directory.
Status of Student (active? degree-seeking?)


ads;flk the the
Step, PT FacultyPWAPLVL, 
Student Academic History (courses taken)SHACRSE, SWRUNOF(printable)SWRUNOF only shows credit classes
Student Academic History, by SUBJECT AreaSHASUBJ 
Student Lookup (general information)SPAIDEN 
Student QuerySOAIDNS 
Student ScheduleSFRSCHD (printable)
Student Status and TypeSGASTDN
Subject CodeSTUSUBJlist of all subject codes; also accessible from any form that has "Subject" field --  click on down-arrow to right of subject field
System ID (is person a student? employee? vendor?)GUASYST
Telephone Numbers - detailsSPAIDEN, SPATELE 
Term Course MaintenanceSHAINST 
Test ScoresSOATEST 
Test Score Prerequisites, by COURSESCAPREQ 
Test Score Prerequisites for Specific CRNSSAPREQ 
Time of ClassSSASECT, SFAREGQSSASECT = if you know crn; SFAREGQ = if you know student G# but don't know crn.
Transcript Evaluation - Course Equiv'sSHATATR 
Transcript to Print (unofficial)SWRUNOFSWRUNOF only shows credit classes
Transcript to ViewSHACRSE 
Transcript Events & CommentsSHATCMT 
Transcript, PT FacultyPWRTRATPT Instructor transcript audit
Transfer Credit, Course Equiv.'sSHATATR 
Transfer Credit, Prior College WorkSOAPCOL 
Tuition Exemption ReportSWREXFA - List of Students by Tuition Exemption Code 
Unofficial Transcript (Worksheet)SWRUNOF 
Uploading G Numbers into BannerUploading Process 
Vacation Leave

PWAELVE (in Argos), 

Requires special HR access and training

SWRWLRP: shows students moved to Waitlist during given period.
SSASECT: shows waitlist size for a given class. (go to 2nd tab)
SWASECQ = class query form, shows WL

What Is Student Registered For?SFAREGQ 
When Registered? When Dropped?SFAREGF, SFASTCA(viewable); SWRIFTE(printable) 
Where is Student? (emergencies, etc.)SFAREGQ 
Workload, InstructorSIAASGN (viewable);


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