Excel Tips & Tricks

Convert Excel Data into a Friendlier Format


Have you ever tried to paste information from an Excel spreadsheet into another application like Outlook or MyPCC? The problem is that it shows up in Excel format, “trapped” within cells and columns and rows. This often makes it impossible to use the data compatibly with other applications.

Here’s how to take Excel content and remove all the rows and cells so you can use it for virtually anything you want, with a little help from MS Word.

  1. In Excel, highlight the cells you want to work with (only).
  2. Copycopy the cells. 
  3. Open a blank Word document.
  4. Pastepaste the cells you copied from Excel. (Ctrl + v is the keystroke shortcut.)
  5. Highlight the information you just pasted.
  6. Click on the “Layout” tab, located on the upper right of your screen.
     That's the "Layout" tab, NOT "Page Layout."

  7. Click the convert to text button, located on the upper right (within your toolbar icons).
  8. In the mini-window that appears, choose Tabs, then click OK.

excel convert to text window

No more rows or columns!

You may want to do some other formatting with your data, like remove the line separators or add a comma between each entry. Once you've done that, your data is all ready to paste into an email, MyPCC, or whatever else you want to do with it.