SWRSCAS - Student Course / Attribute Report  Needs update 

SWRSCAS lists all courses taken at PCC by a specific student, plus course attribute codes associated with the courses. Courses in progress for the current (or upcoming) term will also appear.

The purpose of SWRSCAS is to provide Banner-users with a tool to assist in the advising and degree audit processes. The report shows all course attribute codes for courses from 199403 forward. This provides information about the various degree and certificate requirements met by the courses listed. The report does not show GPA or prior college (before PCC) courses taken, however.

  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SWRSCAS, then press Enter.

  2. Click bla Next Block TWICE. 
    (Or, just click with your mouse in the "Parameter Values" section as shown in the picture below.)
    This will move your curser to the "Parameter Values" section. 

attribute code report

  1. For parameter 01 ("ID code"), in the right column type in the student's G number. Make sure to capitalize the 'G.'

To indicate more than one G number,

      • With your curser in the ID code field, click the more Insert Record icon.
      • In the blank line that appears, type '01for the parameter number. A new blank line will appear.
      • Type in the additional G number.
      • Repeat as needed.
  1. When you are finished completing the above parameters, click the bla Next Block icon.

  2. Click the bla Save icon.

    (For more information about saving reports, including saving your parameters for a future time, see the Banner Report Help page.)

  3. Open Report Viewer and view your report