Banner Combined Population Selection -- GWR3PAL (Mailing Labels)

GWR3PAL creates mailing labels from a Combined Population Selection that has been previously created. It is run after the user has gone through the steps to create a Combined Population Selection.

GWR3PAL is used to print mailing labels directly from Banner Report Viewer using Avery 5160 address labels.

  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type GWR3PAL, then press Enter.

    2. Click into the parameter value area for number 1.

    3. On the right side of the Parameter Values section, complete the parameter values as shown:


What to Type

01: Population Application Code

Type the Banner module for which the population selection was created
(usually STUDENT)

02: Population Selection ID

Type in the name you gave to your Combined Population Selection in earlier steps (all CAPS).

03: Population Creator ID

Type in your Banner login (all CAPS)

04: Address Effective Date

(Leave the default of today's date here)

05: Address Type

(Leave the default of 1MA here)

06: Sort Order

To sort labels by Zip Code, leave the default of Z
To sort by name, type N

07: Delete Population?

Leave default of N

  1. When you are finished completing the above parameters, check the "Save Parameter Set as" box (you don't have to name your parmeter set).

  2. Click the icon.

The process will conclude by displaying a message at the bottom left of your screen that reads: Look for Printout in yourname_gwr3pal_99999.lis

Part 2: View and Print Your Labels from Report Viewer

Labels can be printed directly from Report Viewer. When this report appears in Report Viewer, you will see a "Labels" link just to the right of the blue dots. 

  1. Open Report Viewer and find the name of this report on your list of reports. (The name will include "gwr3pal" in its title.)

  2. Click on the "Labels" link on the right side of the report line.

    GWR3PAL is designed to work with Avery Standard Labels, size #5160.

  3. Print the report.

For help with this process, contact the IT Service Desk.