1. In Banner 9, once your Oracle account is created, you can login to Banner using SSO and view pages and do searches, however you cannot run a report until you set your Oracle password
  2. New accounts are created in an expired status so the user is forced to change to something secret
  3. Newly created or reset passwords ALSO expire after a few hours; if you don’t change it within a few hours, you need it to be reset in order to change it
  4. To assist a user with an expired password please follow this process:
    1. Have them sign out of Banner
    2. Have them sign out of MyPCC
    3. Have them sign out of Google
    4. Have them close all browsers
    5. Have them reopen then clear cache in their browser (CTRL-SHIFT-DEL)
    6. YOU Reset their Oracle password using GWPBANSEP
      1. Do you know their Oracle LOGIN?  If not, look up in GOAEACC
    7. YOU Go to report viewer to find their default password
      1. You may see an error message “USERNAME is currently using the system - cannot modify - abort.”  
      2. They may not have completely logged off their Banner session. Do a Bomgar screen share to be sure all browsers are closed and cache cleared.
      3. If this does not resolve immediately, wait 20 minutes and try again
    8. Give the user their password (it will be something like Ban_11SEP201814)
    9. THEY go to GUAPSWD and follow instructions to set password
      1. In Oracle password type the current (like Ban_11SEP201814)
      2. Leave Database blank
      3. New Oracle = their secret password. No punctuation except underscore allowed
      4. Verify = repeat secret password
      5. Click SAVE

If it is the case that the you need to look up the user's Banner Oracle name–then please follow this process: