Multi-Year Plan
Multi-Year Plan (MYP), submitted Fall 2020

Multi-Year Plan (MYP), beginning Fall 2019

Annual Learning Assessments

2018-2019 Summary Data Report (SDR)

2018-2019 Focal Outcome Report

Note: This SAC assessed two outcomes this year and completed a separate report for each.

2017-2018 Plan and EOY (Reassess Maintenance Action Plan)

2017-2018 Plan and EOY (Assess Safety Awareness)

2017-2018 Summary Data Report

2016-2017 Plan and EOY
2015-2016 No report submitted
2014-2015 EOY [pdf]
2013-2014 AP (no EOY) [pdf]
2012-2013 EOY [pdf]
No assessment report submitted in 2012
2010-2011 EOY [pdf]
2009-2010 EOY [pdf]