Multi-Year Plan

Dental Hygiene is participating in the Integration Year pilot in 2021-2022

Multi-Year Plan (MYP), submitted Fall 2020
Multi-Year Plan (MYP), beginning Fall 2019 (see revised version below)

Annual Learning Assessments
2021-2022 Integration Year Report (Pilot)

2020-2021 Summary Data Report (SDR)

2020-2021 Focal Outcome Report (with supporting materials) available upon request. Please contact to request access.

2019-2020 Revised MYP in lieu of Summary Data Report

2019-2020 Focal Outcome Plan with COVID-19 Statement

2018-2019 Summary Data Report (SDR)

2018-2019 Focal Outcome Report

2017-2018 Plan and EOY

2016-2017 Plan and EOY

2015-2016 Plan and EOY
2014-2015 EOY

2013-2014 AP

2013-2014 EOY

2012-2013 EOY [pdf]
2011-2012 EOY [pdf
2010-2011 EOY [pdf]
2009-2010 EOY [pdf]