Three Ways to Run and Save a Banner Report


There are 3 ways to run and save a Banner report.

For all Banner reports, the first four steps are the same:

1. Type the name of the report into the “Go To” field, press Enter on your keyboard.

2. Click the Go button and then the Next Section icon.

(OR, you can just click into the 3rd section, “Parameter Values.”)

3. Type in the values you want on the right side.

4. Click Next Section again.

    5. For the LAST PART, you have three options:

Option 1:

That's it! Your report will run, and you can view it in Banner Report Viewer. The values you typed will not be saved for the next time you want to run this report.


Option 2:


The next time you run this report, everything you typed will be all filled in, just as you typed it this time.


Option 3:

Save Multiple Parameter Sets. This is for when you need to save several versions of the report. 

This will save what you have typed so that the next time you want to run this report, you can access what you’ve previously typed and named by clicking on the little down-arrow next to the “Parameter Set” field in the top right corner:

Whenever you want to "pull up" these saved parameter sets in the future, click on the 3 dots and you will see a list of all the Parameter Sets you have saved for this report. Double-click on the one you want, click the Go button and then Next Section, and everything you typed and saved will fill in automatically!



Handy Shortcut for "Option 2" Above


The FASTEST and easiest way to run a Banner report is this:

  1. Type the name of the page into the Welcome screen, press Enter on your keyboard.

  2. Click the Go button and then click anywhere in the right column of the 3rd (largest) section on the page, "Parameter Values."

  3. Type in the parameter values you want.

  4. 'Check' the checkbox in the bottom left corner ("Save Parameter Set As").
  5. Click the Save button on the bottom right hand corner.



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