About Us

The purpose of PACTEC is to enhance the access of high school and PCC students to quality career and technical (vocational) education. This encompasses a broad scope ranging from career development and guidance programs to technical skill development instructional programs.

PACTEC is a consortium composed of all the K-12 school districts that are within the PCC district boundary, the College itself, and several other entities, whose common theme is career and technical education and workforce development.

What We Do

The primary focus of PACTEC is to improve student achievement of state standards and develop skills and behaviors to succeed in a career. PACTEC assists schools with support for professional technical education, school-to-work, professional development and connections with business and industry. Below is a few of our programs and activities.

Career Pathways
Do It, Learn It, Live it Blog
High School Counselor Share Fair
Math-In-CTE Professional Development Workshop
Nontraditional Outreach
PACTEC Region 2A Google Site
PCC Dual Credit Website
PCC Dual Credit Wiki
PCC Options for High School Age Students
Programs of Study
Teachers in Training Workshops
Technical Skills Assessment Workshop
Technical Skills Assessment

Upcoming Events

Coordination of Events and Workshops

Who We Are

Lynn Wilson-Dean


Robin Foleen

PACTEC Program Manager


Senior Office Assistant

Phone: 503-977-722-7735


Phone: 971-722-7734



Email: robin.foleen@pcc.edu




Amy Stuhr



Non-Traditional Specialist



Phone: 971-722-7738



Email: amy.stuhr@pcc.edu


















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